Three Poems
By Joshua Lemley

  A Baby died today

A baby died today
Executed in an excruciating way
He was torn to shreds by the doctors hand
He never got convicted
A warrant was never served
He never went before a judge
Yet he died the death worse than any criminal
For a crime he did not do
They say he was just some tissue
They say he was a parasite
Yet the tumor was taken out more gently
And the worms were never torn to shreds
They say he wasnít wanted
He would be a burden to heaven and earth
Yet his heavenly Father who was forming was waiting
For the time he would be born
Before the earth was created
Before the sun, the moon, the stars
God was thinking about how he would form this baby
And looking foreword to hearing him pray and sing
He had a dream last night.
He was secure in a safe warm place
Just waiting to be born
Itís supposed to be the safest place on earth
Protected in every time and land
But he was labeled as an inconvenience
And sentenced to the punishment of death
He tried to fight the intruder
He tried to flee and scream
But nobody heard his silent cry
As his body was torn to shreds
No one will go to his funral
No one will visit his grave
He was thrown away like garbage
With the numerous others
They said he was a blob of tissue
Not worth caring about
Blood was moving through his body
He could hear his motherís voice
Thoughts were going through his little head
He had fingers and toes
Eyes and nose
And teeth sprouts in his mouth
You say I shouldnít even care
About this precious little child
But God has given the direction
To stand for those who canít
And who is more defenseless
Than a baby in itís Mothers womb


 Iím pro choice
Choice of the baby not be torn to shreds in a place that is supposed to be protected
Choice of the mother who feels pressured by doctors, family, or society to destroy the one who depends on her for life.
Choice of the doctors who have to consciously stuff their conscience knowing they are  taking away a life
Choice of the mother who will consciously or not, know she destroyed the life of someone who depended on her
Choice of the father who gave part of himself to make the child
Choice of the father to be the first to hold his baby
Choice of the father who is waiting for the time to spend wrestling, playing catch, fishing, or hanging out on the couch
Choice of the Grandparents who will always have the child in their hearts
Choice of the brothers and sisters, who will receive another member of their pack
Choice of the Aunts and Uncles who will be able to be a  role model to an innocent child
Choice of the adopted parents, if necessary, to hold a baby in their arms
A baby they have been praying and searching for possibly for years
Choice of his friends he will have through his or her life
Choice of everyone who will see the childís smile, who  the child will cause to smile.
Choice of the Father in heaven who is forming the child in his mothers womb
Choice of His son Jesus who gave his life for the child
Who am I or who is any one to say this child deserves die
Who am I to say this child does not deserve a chance
Even if the doctor says that the child has something wrong, he doesnít know for sure
And if itís true what difference does it make this child may have more opportunities to bless and still deserves a chance
Who am I not to stick up for the worlds most vulnerable

Prov 31
8 Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.
9 Open thy mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.


Have you prayed for a child today
Have you prayed for a child today
Have you brought him to God
Everybody everywhere can make a difference in a childís life
Whether in the store or on the street or sitting on your lap
Wherever the child is say a prayer
Have you laid your hands on a child today
Have you given them to God
Have you prayed a blessing over them
When you hold their hand
Or give them a squeeze
Or help them write or cut or paint
Wherever you are and whenever you can
At home at church at school
take the children in your hands
And hand them over to God
Donít let the opportunity pass by
When you have a child in your hand
Say a prayer